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What our banners look like? You have a few examples on this page! ⬇️
papayads workflow

1 - Google Ad Manager Setup

When your website is approved, we configure it in our Google Ad Manager server to increment your ads revenue without changing your ads configuration and pages layout. Google Ad Manager enables multiple competitors to buy your ads and AdSense will not be the only buyer anymore.

2 - Introduction of new ad networks

In one week we give you access to Google Ad Exchange, and many other premium ad networks to enable competition for your ads and maximize CPM, RPM and fill rate. We will always find a buyer for your impressions.

3 - Continuous optimization

In three weeks we increase your revenue up to 400% compared to AdSense only. Then we continuously analyze impressions and revenue data day by day optimizing server setup and finding new buyers for your traffic.


What our customers say about us and their case study.

testimonials Nate

I'm so glad we gave PapayAds a chance. Our income has exploded in just a few months, no exaggeration. You're leaving a lot of money on the table if you don't give them a chance.

Nate Sanden - Ones and Zeros
testimonials Neiv

For many years I preferred not to run advertising on my website but then, thanks to PapayAds, I understood that even with a single banner I could earn preserving the design.

Alex Neiv - Software Engineer
testimonials de nigris

PapayAds supported us during all the design renovation process and ads setup. Our blog is now easy to use and all fishermen can stay connected when the sea does not allow it.

Andrea De Nigris - Founder

A typical application

This is one of the most typical applications: we only replaced AdSense ads code with Google Ad Manager tags and enabled multiple networks to bid for the existing display banners. This resulted in a 400% revenue increase.

User experience and design case

Here our challenge was to maximize ads revenue using only one single display banner. We studied the best position and viewability, we increased the number of bidding networks for that specific banner size and optimized the ads refresh time.

A 360° support case study

Italian blog focused on recreational fishing, dedicated to all sailors. We fully supported this website by also suggesting the best WordPress theme and layout to maximize advertising revenue without compromising the user experience.

Premium features, now also for small business

  • < 400,000 pageviews / month
  • *From Tier 1 Countries
  • Standard AD Units
  • AdSense Demand
  • Ad Exchange Demand
  • Header Bidding Demand
  • Email Support
  • > 400,000 pageviews / month
  • *From Tier 1 Countries
  • All Basic features
  • Customized Ad Units
  • Video AD Units
  • Access To Premium Demand
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Email / Skype / Messenger Support
What our banners look like? You have a few examples on this page! ⬇️

Calculate your ads revenue

*Calculation based on estimated website traffic from tier 1 and 2 countries using 3 display banners per page and good ads viewability.

Apply now

Due to the large number of requests and our policy to dedicate our best service to all customers we are able to accept in the Premium Service only websites with a minimum traffic of 400.000 monthly pageviews. If your business is smaller, please apply to the Self Service. We currently provide support in English, Spanish and Italian language.